The new E Street E-Cargo bike
Danish design

Get to know E Street

As something completely new, we are launching our first electric cargo bike. The new E Street is based on MBK's core value: innovation. The E Street is designed to deliver an incomparable riding experience that makes every bike ride fun, comfortable and unforgettable. Read much more below.

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Fantastic riding characteristics

Compact design, wide range of possibilities

It must be a true joy to ride a bike! When we designed E Street, riding joy was one of our top priorities. This covers both riding characteristics and safety. Every detail has been researched to achieve the ultimate riding experience.

  • A width of below 80 cm allows E Street to fit through most door openings.
  • The wheels have been integrated into the cabin to give a clear overview of the road ahead.
  • When turning the bike leans naturally along the curve.


The large cabin allows for endless possibilities. E Street is ideal for a young family. There's room for 2 children, who can comfortably and safely sit on neoprene-covered seats with harnesses. You can also mount 1 child seat via the built-in ISOFIX mounting points. Under the seats, you will find a roomy compartment along with a USB port for charging a smartphone or tablet while on the go.


See how you mount a child seat via ISOFIX by clicking here.

E-Bike system

Developed in Denmark

It must be easy to get from A to B. That is why E Street is equipped with a high-quality, Danish-developed E-Bike system from Promovec. This means you get a powerful motor that can handle even the heaviest load or the longest climb. At the same time, you get a large, Danish-produced battery with a long range. The smart E-Bike system can be easily controlled via the bike's display or your smartphone.

Powerful mid motor

You will always be assisted - even with a heavy load

Learn more about the E-Bike system

Smart display

Digital display with smartphone connection

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Large battery

Integrated under the cabin - produced in Denmark


User friendly and innovative

A bike must ride well, but it should also be functional and easy to use. On E Street you will find smart features such as:

  • Danish developed bike and E-Bike system
  • Stepless gearing. Comfortably riding under any conditions.
  • Range of up to 100 km.
  • Connect your smartphone to the E-Bike system and unlock new features.
  • Storage compartment in the cabin with USB charging.
  • Reliable acceleration and effective braking.

Stepless gearing from Enviolo

Silent, effective and simple.

Read more about Enviolo

Powerful lights

Lights up the street

Hydraulic disc brakes

2-way braking system


Charge your smartphone or tablet on the go

Optional equipment


Keep your spirits high and protect your passengers and cargo against all kinds of weather with our smart hood.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Windows on all sides
  • The window facing the driver can be opened
  • The mosquito net can be fitted for the hot summer days (supplied)

Additional price: €399,-


Protect your belongings in the cabin with the sleek cover.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Handstitched

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