Maintenance tips for your bike during summer
Everything you need to know to keep your bicycle or E-Bike running all summer long

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy bike rides, whether commuting to work or taking short trips during the holidays and weekends. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your bike runs smoothly and lasts longer. Here are some valuable tips for keeping your bike in shape through the summer.

A thorough wash

The first step

Keeping your bike clean and well-maintained is the key to a long life and a good riding experience all year round.

No matter your bike type, a wash starts the same way.

Consider using a bike washing product and a soft brush or microfiber glove to wash the frame and components. For example, it could be Super Bike Wash fra Finish Line, which loosens the worst grime in an environmentally friendly way.

We recommend using products designed for washing a bicycle. This is typically the most effective solution, and you also don't have to worry about whether the product could damage the bike.

At the bottom of the page, you will find our recommended products for washing your bike.

Washing spray bottle "Super Bike Wash"

Biodegradable washing spray from Finish Line

Finish Line Super Bike Wash

Maintaining your bike and its gears

Cleaning internal hub gears:

Internal hub gears require less maintenance than external derailleur gears, but they are just as important to keep clean and lubricated.

  1. Wipe off the groupset with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust.
  2. Use a bike wash product or a degreaser to remove stubborn grime.

Cleaning external derailleur gears:

External derailleur gears require slightly more attention than internal hub gears, but they also often have better riding capabilities.

  1. Use a brush and a degreaser to clean the chain and cassette thoroughly.
  2. Rinse off the bike with water and dry it with a clean cloth. It is a good idea to use microfiber cloths as they are extra gentle for the bike and parts.

Lubrication (relevant to both types of gearing):

  1. Apply chain lubricant and let it penetrate the links. Summer is typically dry, so a "dry lube" would be ideal. Suggested product: Finish Line Dry Lube.
  2. Tør overskydende olie af med en klud for at forhindre, at snavs samler sig.

Good habits:

  1. Check if the gear shifting works as intended. If the gear shifting is not working optimally, adjusting them is a good idea. This can easily be done.
    1. Press here to see how you adjust internal hub gears.
    2. Press here to see how you adjust external derailleur gears.
  2. Ensure the chain is not stretched or worn out, which may affect the shifting.
  3. Check the tire pressure regularly and adjust it to the recommended pressure shown on the tire's sidewall. The correct tire pressure ensures pleasant and safe riding.

Bike with internal hub gears

Less maintenance and more weather-resistant

Bike with external derailleur gears

More maintenance but with a lower weight and faster gear shifting

Maintenance of E-Bikes

Due to their electrical components, E-bikes require a little extra attention, but with proper care, they can give you many years of trouble-free riding.


  • Charging: Charge the battery regularly and avoid letting it completely discharge. Most batteries are best charged when they are between 20% and 80% capacity.
  • Storing: If you do not use your E-bike for a long time, you must store the battery in a dry and cool place and charge it to approximately 50% capacity. If the battery is not used for a month, it is a good idea to check its capacity and make sure that it is not too discharged.
    Most MBK E-bikes are equipped with an E-Bike system from Yamaha, who have made a useful FAQ that can answer most questions. Learn more by clicking here.


  • Wash the E-bike as described above, but be careful around the electrical components. Use a damp cloth to wipe the display, motor area and battery housing.
  • Avoid direct water splashes on electrical components.


  • Check regularly that all cables and connections are intact and not damaged.
  • Make sure the engine is working properly, and listen for any unusual noises.

Washing your E-Bike

Wash it like a regular bike. You just need to be careful around the electrical components

Recommended products for washing and maintaining your bike

For optimal maintenance, we recommend the following products:

  • Bike wash: Finish Line Super Bike Wash quickly and easily washes off the worst surface dirt from the bike's frame and components.
  • Degreaser: Finish Line Speed Degreaser is an effective degreaser for removing persistent grime and dirt. The product leaves no residue and dissipates quickly.
  • Chain lubricantFinish Line Dry Lube is a versatile lubricant that rejects dirt, reduces wear and friction, and makes every pedal stroke more effective. It is perfect for dry summer weather. If you expect to ride mainly in wet weather, the Finish Line Wet Lube is a better choice.
  • Brush set: Finish Line Mechanic's Brush Set is a full set of brushes that allows you to fully clean your bike - even in the narrowest corners of the frame.

Hear more about the products at your local bike shop.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your bike or E-bike – whether it has internal or external gears – rides smoothly all summer. Remember that regular maintenance not only extends the life of the bike but also makes your rides more comfortable and safe.

Enjoy your many rides!

Full set of brushes

Finish Line Mechanic's Brush Set

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Finish Line Speed Degreaser

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Chain lubricant

Finish Line Dry Lube

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