Yamaha e-Bike Systems
Everything you need to know about MBK e-bikes with a Yamaha system

Yamaha e-Bike Systems

Japanese producer of e-bike systems


Yamaha has produced components for e-bikes for more than 25 years, and that experience is clear with the systems PW-SE and PW-X, which have been developed to become some of the best and most well performing on the market. The e-systems are equipped with 3 sensors to analyse the users riding pattern. This way the pulling will always feel natural, whether it's soft or powerful. As the center of gravity is low, the pulling power is smooth and even, which is a deciding factor to create a sublime riding experience. The batteries are large and powerful, which ensure high capacity for maximum range. The batteries are easily dismounted, when they need charging, which is a easy as charging your smartphone.

MBK E-bike with Yamaha

Why should you choose it?

  • Made in Japan
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • High quality of service
  • Superior technology
  • Focus on creating the perfect riding experience

Experience superior technology

High end quality components

  • Powerful rear and center motors
  • Downtube batteries with capacity as standard
  • Intuitive and information rich displays
  • Optimal weight distribution of components
  • Clean and sporty designs

Yamaha e-bike system on a MBK bike

Every MBK e-bike have thoroughly chosen components


Most of MBK's e-bikes are equipped with a quality system from Yamaha. MBK and Yamaha actually share a long history together, as MBK is owned by Yamaha Industries. Many MBK e-bikes are equipped with the PW-SE system, which consists of a high capacity downtube battery and a strong mid motor. Both components are centrally placed, which create an optimal weight distribution ensuring high comfort and performance. The bikes are also equipped with an intuitive display with a lot of features such as walk assist, battery indicator, trip counter and much more. 

MBK E-bikes

MBK E-bikes are available with both an e-bike system from Yamaha and Promovec

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Yamaha e-Bike System

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