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MBK E-bikes are available in several different types, all of which have in common that they are sporty. They are all equipped with efficient batteries, which can be felt especially in everyday life, where you can avoid getting short of breath and getting sweaty at work. At the same time, an MBK E-bike ensures that you can stay active and exercise in a comfortable and manageable way in your spare time. MBK E-bikes are therefore suitable for both the younger and slightly older cyclists, who appreciate the extra power an e-bike provides, but who are also looking for a raw and sporty design.


We have developed e-bikes for kids to create fun bikes, which perform just as well on the way to school as in the weekends.

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Gates Carbon Belt Drive

The future is here

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Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Future proof belt drive

Our model Vitesse E is filled with high tech components. One of these components is a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. As opposed to a traditional chain, a belt drive has many advantages such as:

  • Low maintenance
  • No rust - even in rain
  • Light and silent

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