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Airborn Gravelsport and Octane Gravel Urban

In 2021 we are introducing Airborn Gravelsport and Octane Gravel Urban, 2 innovative bikes, which combine comfort with fun features of a Gravel bike.

Airborn is available with derailleur gears and hydraulic disc brakes. Octane is available with hub gears and roller brakes.

Both models are equipped with wide Panaracer GravelKing SK tires.

MBK Urban

Quality and riding experience

MBK Urban bikes are made for users, who want a quick and efficient transportation tool for every day use. MBK Urban bikes are typically lighter than the average Urban bike, which make them ideal for a mixture of every and weekend riding, whether it's for short or long trips. All MBK Urban bikes are highly equipped and built with a focus on quality and a great riding experience, which are complimented by a sharp design.